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Notre Dame Cathedral, Tower, and Ile de la Cité Walking Tour

905 L.E

One Day

Notre Dame Cathedral, Tower, and Ile de la Cité Walking Tour

Skip the long line and walk with us into the towers of Notre Dame. Discover 2,000 years of hectic Parisian history, all the way from the dark ages up to WWII.

Wandering through the famous Ile de la Cite in the heart of the Seine River
Discovering the fascinating history of Notre Dame
Climbing up to the Notre Dame Bell Towers

Begin your Parisian reverie with a walking tour of Ile de la Cite, an isle thick with history right in the middle of the Seine River. It won't be long before you realize why Victor Hugo chose to make this location the setting for his widely acclaimed novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

From the flying buttresses to the threatening gargoyles and the sky-reaching spires, the presence of this Gothic building is both beautiful and ominous. Inside, marvel at its monumental organ and the imposing bell towers. Thanks to your eloquent guide's narrations, you will see history unfolding in front of you, from ancient times to the present day.

To end on a high note, skip the line and climb to the top of the Notre Dame Bell Towers. Climbing to 422 steps is entirely up to you – the queue doesn't stretch for several hours for anything.

But seeing its 13-tonne bell, its army of gargoyles and the breathtaking view of Paris makes it worth it. Join us on this unforgettable trip into the heart and soul of medieval and Gothic Paris and be spellbound by Notre Dame.

Meeting/ Pick up point:
The statue of Henri IV, in the middle of Pont Neuf- at the western end of Ile de la Cite.
Pont Neuf is the bridge that links Ile de la Cite to both the left and right banks of Paris.

A statue is a man on a horse sitting in the middle of the bridge. Nearest Metro: Pont Neuf (7) or Cite (4).

Two hours.
Start or opening time:
Mondays and Fridays.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Tower, and Ile de la Cité Walking Tour

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From 21-01-2018 To 30-06-2018