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  • Happy Ramadan
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Egypt Express Travel is one of Egypt young growing travel companies. It was founded in 2003

Our reputation as a young growing travel company and direct connections to suppliers in Egypt enable us to secure and pass the substation savings onto our business partners.

Egypt Express Travel is recognized for its high professional, knowledgeable, creative staff and customized programs. We believe how important it is to find good quality in today's expenses, which is why our friendly travel consultants are devoted to helping you choose your destination within Egypt and choose the program that suits you

Whatever our business partner wishes to offer his customer, a wide range of programs is offered to start with an Adventure Holidays, Golf Vacations, Diving & unforgettable Honeymoon Packages, Beach Holidays, Classical Tours, Family Holidays, Special Interest, Religious Tours. We also offer combined tours between Egypt and other neighboring countries and more.  We tailor our programs to our business partners' requests and style for both individual travelers and group travel

Joining together thoughtful and incomparable quality service with exceptional value, Egypt Express Travel is able to attract business partners to join its business team

Egypt Express Travel continuously strives to fulfill business partners needs and exceeds their expectations. It achieves this by giving full attention minor details ensuring that the customer will enjoy an absolutely hassle-free time exploring, having fun, relaxing, and learning information about history and culture.

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Address : 30 Adnan El Madany St. Suite 2 & 3 - 1st Floor,
Post Code 12411, Mohandessein,
Cairo, Egypt
Tel : +202 3305 7373
Fax : +202 3305 7474
e-mail :